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29-08-2018 Curriculum Vitae New Member of BOC
CV New BOC Member.pdf
- 500.3 kB -
29-08-2018 Curriculum Vitae New Member of BOD
CV New BOD Member.pdf
- 279.1 kB -
18-07-2018 Report on Material Information or Facts
16-07-2018 Activity Report on PMTHMETD
02-07-2018 Increase Investment in PT Catur Berkat Bersama
06-06-2018 Disclosure Information plan of additional capital without preemptive rights (Additional information and revised)
29-03-2018 Published Financial Report 2017
10-11-2017 Board of Commissioner Approval on Audit Committee
10-10-2017 Company's New Entity
31-03-2017 Published Financial Report 2016