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Opening of Mitra10 Bogor and Cakung

Mitra10 is now open in Bogor! The new outlet, which is located on Jl. H. Soleh Iskandar (Jalan Baru), consists of two levels with a sales area of 3.500 m2. The store opening on March 22, 2012 was attended by the Bogor City Mayor Diani Budiarto, President Director of Mitra10 Andy Totong, and CEO of CSA Group Budyanto Totong. Various marketing programs were held to celebrate the opening, such as rewards, crazy price promo, shopping vouchers and free membership, as well as installment payment program.


In addition to Bogor, Mitra10 is also open in Cakung. Located on Jalan Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX, Grand Cakung Building with a sales area of 2.500 m2, Mitra10 Cakung started operating on June 15, 2012.  The store opening was celebrated with the same marketing programs as the ones done at the opening of Mitra10 Bogor.  The opening of these two stores in 2012 adds up the total number of stores owned by CSA Group to 20 stores throughout the country.


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